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Kevin Keatley

I have been a wildlife photographer for over 25 years and in 1992 I turned my hobby into a business and started up Wildlife Watching Supplies. I just couldn't find any kit for my own wildlife photography; all that was available then was army surplus. For me I have always been passionate about wildlife and wildlife photography, but also I'm the type of person brimming with ideas and projects. I know what I want for my wildlife photography and I design products to help me get results. Photographers and anybody interested in wildlife are looking for the same thing.

Kevin Keatley - Founder & MD

We are a British design and manufacturing company based in Devon. We make a range of products but also sell products that I have found useful in my own photography and camera trapping to compliment our range.

It's not just in the UK. Our business is international. As photographers and naturalist worldwide we want to get close to our subject without disturbing it, we want to protect and camouflage our kit and be warm and comfortable ourselves so we can stay out in the field longer. For me, I know the fantastic feeling you get when you achieve that shot or have that privileged close encounter. As a Company, if we can help customers achieve this we are on the right track. We get such good feedback and when I talk to customers we have so much in common.

Our customer base is mainly retail but we also supply trade and to film makers and the BBC. Our products are also used by the British Forces around the world in some of the harshest climates and conditions.

We are an ethical company and strive to offer the best service and products we can. We are part of the Trading Standards 'Buy With Confidence' scheme and are listed on 'Which Local'. For me and the staff it's more than just a business; we enjoy what we do and take pride in our products and service and get a great boost when we read the customer feedback.

Wildlife Watching Supplies