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£45.58 to £98.21

Reversible - Realtree 'all purpose' 3D Leafy All in one camera and lens cover with waterproof ATP (all terrain pattern) backing. 8 sizes.
Keeps you going while other photographers have packed their camera away.

Elastic fit around lens hood and draw cord back. Designed as a loose protective/camouflage cover for your camera and lens.

Cover sizes
Our Camera & Lens cover sizes allow for the camera body and for the cover to be drawn up at the back of the camera. Our sizes also allow for the use of converters. We give measurements for the max size of lens plus some lens examples in the size options below.
Access to your lens
Our covers have a Velcro opening along the base to allow for a tripod foot to come out and for you to get your hand inside the cover if you use your lens on manual. You can also use the focus/zoom ring through our covers.

Aids camouflage and gives protection against the weather; hot, cold or wet. Also perfect for protection against dust and sea spray.
You can use it with your hand through the velcro opening to work the controls or you can even fire the shutter through the material or use a cable release with just a small opening to look through.

Elastic tab for adding some extra natural camouflage to blend in with the local environment.

Our Camera and lens covers help to reduce the need for expensive camera and lens cleaning/servicing and reduces time out of operational use.

Registered Design. International Design Classification LOC (07) C1. 03-01

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