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Copyright/design rights notice

All text and images on this website are the sole copyright of Kevin Keatley. All Rights Reserved Worldwide. No image is to be downloaded, copied, printed, sampled or redistributed in any form, whole or part, without the prior written confirmation of Kevin Keatley. These images are not free and are protected by International Copyright Law. Photographs on our customer feedback section are the copyright of the individual photographer and the same copyright conditions apply.

Our products and designs are subject to copyright and/or design rights protection. We have intellectual property rights in our designs and design names. Copying is strictly prohibited.

We are a British design and manufacturing company.  The products we design and manufacture are made in our workshop in Devon.  We do also buy in products to compliment our range, some of which may not be made in the Britain.

Trade mark protection on the internet

Wildlife Watching Supplies® is the registered trade mark of Kevin Keatley Ltd. and is protected in law. We have taken action (July 2012) to protect our registered trade mark on the internet. Part of a website domain name/hosts terms and conditions are that they work within the law both on a site and meta tags. We do have redress against a company/individual if these terms and conditions are not complied with.

Over the 20+ years Wildlife Watching Supplies® has been in business we have built up a good reputation for quality products, designs and service and reserve the right to protect our company's good reputation and name.

Through Kevin's 25 years as a wildlife photographer and his links with the security forces, he has built up a range of original products and designs ® to help photographers protect and camouflage their kit.

Wildlife Watching Supplies® was started by Kevin in 1992 and has gone from strength to strength with customers around the world.

The Company has received a number of awards over the years for their products and designs. There have been some sites using the Company name with similar site text to track our success on Google. Some of these are just front page sites that transfer you to another site. Kevin is just concerned that some new customers might get confused with this because the words Wildlife Watching Supplies® and similar site text comes up a lot on them, its easy to think its us when it isn't.

Wildlife Watching Supplies® is a registered Trade Mark of Kevin Keatley Ltd. and is protected by intellectual property rights. No other Company providing similar products or services can use the name Wildlife Watching Supplies. We have built up an excellent reputation and good will since the Company was first established in 1992. It has also been proven in a Nominet case against Janatha Carden - Stealth Wildlife that by adding a "uk" to either end does not make it dissimilar to our trading name. In 2010 two sites were stopped and the domain names www.wildlifewatchingsuppliesuk.co.uk and www.ukwildlifewatchingsupplies.co.uk were transferred to Kevin Keatley Ltd.

As well as having intellectual property rights in our name we also have intellectual property rights in our product designs and design names.


We won our Nominet case against Stealth Wildlife. In Dec 09 and Feb 10 Janatha Carden (Stealth Wildlife) registered the domains www.wildlifewatchingsuppliesuk.co.uk and www.ukwildlifewatchingsupplies.co.uk.

In an independent judgement it was found that Stealth Wildlife had registered and used the domain names in a manner which took unfair advantage of or was unfairly detrimental to our rights, and the definition covers both the time of registration and later use.

We had made a complaint to Nominet and said that we have traded for many years as Wildlife Watching Supplies and Stealth Wildlife had registered 2 domain names that were only different to ours by the inclusion of an extra UK at either end and that it used text and style similar to our own website. We had argued that the domain names have confused people looking for our website. The confusion had been compounded by the fact the websites associated with the domain names appear to say that Wildlife Watching Supplies UK is in association with Stealth Wildlife.

It was found that we have rights in the name which is similar to the domain names; and that each of the domain names, in the hands of Janatha Carden/Stealth Wildlife Ltd. was an abusive registration and the domain names are to be transferred to us.

When you register and use a domain there are terms and conditions you have to comply with. You can't register a domain name primarily for the purpose of disrupting the business of a competitor, or by using the domain name, you have intentionally attempted to attract for commercial gain, internet users to your website or other online location, by creating a likelihood of confusion with the complainant's mark as to the source, sponsorship, affiliation or endorsement of your website.

Click to see a copy of the solicitors letter referred to:

To see the full decision of the Independent Expert on case number DRS 08398 Kevin Keatley Ltd. and Janatha Carden (Stealth Wildlife) click here:

Having another Company using such a similar name to ours and using text on their website that makes it sound as if we are one and the same person, is causing confusion and making it difficult for customers to be clear who they are buying from. Having "Wildlife Watching Supplies" used as part of the name and text on another site means that the other company can heavily shadow our google searches which causes even more confusion. Anyone that knows me would say that I'm the easiest going of people but we have had to take action to protect our name and reputation. Luckily there are laws and design rights to protect Companies in our position.

Kevin Keatley